Reloading of precise ammunition

Reloading precise ammunition is not as difficult as you might think. It takes a few steps, such as choosing the powder and primer, bullet weight and bullet shape. But what about the diameter (bullet diameter), a decisive and not to be underestimated factor on the way to a precise charge.


Let's assume that the barrel of a 9mm pistol has a slide caliber of .357 and that .355 bullets are loaded. When the propellant is ignited, the following happens: The floor of the bullet is compressed a little to create the so-called gas seal, but it is not enough to bridge the .002" inch of the smaller projectile of the load, as the bullet cannot target the full twist and the precision of the gun barrel. To avoid these problems, coated lead bullets should be .001 - .002 inches larger than the slide caliber of the gun, so that many problems disappear by themselves .

But how do we notice that a bullet is too small? Signs of a bullet diameter that is too small are lead wear, large differences in speed, extremely dirty cases and the lack of precision.

AK Bullets offers reloading bullets in various diameters so that you can reload ammunition that fits your barrel!

Slugging a Barrell vs. Cerrosafe

In order to determine which caliber your gun has, you can slugging your barrel. With the barrel slugging an oversized bullet is driven through the barrel with a brass or wooden stick (no steel!!!).

Cerrosafe, Laufdiameter

Instead of making a Barrell Pull Through, I have been using Cerrosafe for many time. This is a lead alloy that melts at approx. 90 °C and can be processed without any problems. To do this, you remove the barrel from the weapon and clean it. Now a cotton cleaning patch is inserted about 3cm into the barrel from the chamber. The barrel is then lightly clamped in the vice (use appropriate protective jaws). An old ladle is sufficient, this is heated with a gas burner and Cerrosafe melted, furthermore the barrel is warmed up a little. Finally, the liquid Cerrosafe is poured into the barrel and, after cooling, carefully knocked out from the barrel muzzle with a wooden or brass stick. After a waiting time of 1 hour, Cerrosafe has exactly reached the running dimensions. If you wait 200 hours, Cerrosafe develops an oversize of 0.00635cm.

Cerrosafe is also available in our online shop.

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